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Kenny Wilson

Kenny was introduced to road cycling at age 13 by his father. Neither had much knowledge of the game, but were absorbed by everything cycling had to offer and the adventure it opened up. Concurrent with cycling, Kenny was an avid cross-country runner, and as early as this age became obsessive about improving through training. He made his own forms of running intervals based on time, charted his recovery between street lights, and recorded his progress. The results were what he anticipated, but the process was what grabbed him.

After racing mostly time trials as a juvenile rider in Scotland, Kenny focused more on his career as an engineer and abandoned cycling for other endurance sports. He gained qualifications as a personal trainer and developed an interest for strength and conditioning. 

Inevitably and much to his Father's amusement, Kenny decided to return to cycling even though his then 92kg frame may have appeared to be more suited to rugby than road racing. He worked to obtain a 1st Cat licence and continues to race into his 40's with a smile and willingness to enjoy every moment cycling brings: everything is funny if you take the time to laugh. 

More importantly, Kenny has found a place where he can continue to develop his coaching ideas and feed off the drive and enthusiasm of others.

As a qualified A.B.C.C. coach, Kenny has trained riders of all abilities and ages with success. When designing and tailoring specific training needs, his ability to start from the basics and work through a rider’s personal athletic passport and continuing development is what he prides himself on. 

Kenny is an international coach assisting riders in countries across the world meet their goals.

What makes us elevation coaching

Elevation was founded by Kenny Wilson in the knowledge that everyone can achieve, everyone can improve and everyone is important.

Kenny has built his coaching palmarès with riders and athletes from all age groups, levels and disciplines. From national champions to non-racing weekend warriors he has learned to adapt to ever-evolving objectives.

Goals and dreams are relative but passion, drive and desire are constants in achieving those. Elevation’s approach is centred on the philosophy that it is the athlete that puts in the training hours, the athlete who makes the sacrifices when needed and the athlete who takes all the credit.

Elevation seeks to provide the structure and the accuracy in training to turn that passion, drive and desire into real-world improvement and success. Because everyone can elevate to the next level.