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"Everyone involved with Elevation Coaching believes in the objectives and principles we have set out. As a team we set targets, monitor and scrutinize - developing our process continuously so we can continue to provide a world class experience for each athlete"

Kenny wilson

Craig McAuley

Cycling Coach

Craig has been involved with the sport now for seven years, coming from a swimming background in the years previous to that. In 2016 he had the opportunity to become a full-time rider with a DN1 (Top Division French Amateur) Team, following a successful period representing Ireland as a Junior and first year Espoir. He decided against such a move, realising that perhaps he lacked the talent required to move on to reach the level to allow him to make a sustainable living from the sport.

Coaching and performance has always been something that interested Craig. As aforementioned, coming from a swimming background, a coach was commonplace on the poolside, with structured sessions the norm. It was that mentality which resulted in him looking to transfer such methods across and apply them to cycling.

Craig started coaching riders locally before coming to the attention of Elevation. Our vision is one of recruiting and harnessing the talents of like minded, hard working coaches who crave passing on the knowledge they have gained over the years to other athletes who share their passion. Already his coaching palmares includes National champions. 

He has Cycling Ireland coaching qualifications and is training as a neuromuscular therapist. 

Craig is a racing 1st Cat cyclist, his coaching abilities are the match of that.

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