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Level 2 

Col du Galibier

45° 3′ 50.4″ N, 6° 24′ 28.8″ E

Elevation - 2,642m


  • On initial consultation we will discuss your training/racing background, your aspirations and how Elevation Coaching will guide you to your next level.

  • We will evaluate your current level and carry out testing to find specific training zones and set physiological targets to improve areas for improvement and reinforce strengths.

  • You will receive a fully customised training plan in your inclusive Premium Training Peaks account and a daily email with specific instructions. Sessions will import directly into Garmin IQ and Zwift for step-by-step instructions. 

  • Your uploaded training files will be reviewed and analysed every week and feedback sent by your dedicated coach via Whatsapp, Messenger or Telephone.

  • General guidance on diet and nutrition will be discussed monthly.

  • Every month we will review your targets to renew motivation and focus

  • Up to 2 per month we will give tactical advice and breakdown your race or event to give you the edge over your competitors and maximise your strengths

  • You will have full access to  exclusive Elevation member discounts with our brand partners such as Veloforte nutrition and Café Du Cycliste clothing.

cycling advice
Personal and dynamic sessions

Via email and Training peaks you will receive a daily training plan specific to you

cycling advice
Weekly review and analysis of training files

We review every file. Every kilometre you ride we can provide insight and feedback.

cycling advice
Monthly testing and goal setting

We test the specifics and find the improvements to reach the goals we set

cycling advice
Event management

Tactical advice for your race or events. Up to 2 per month

A dedicated coach 

A coach who knows what it takes to drive performance specific to you.

I have been coached by Kenny for the past 2 and a half years now. In this time, I feel like I have come on leaps and bounds. I have noticed steadily improving numbers and feel like I am now in the best shape ever to build on the results we have already got and make 2019 the best season to date. Over these years I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Kenny. It is very easy to set someone a training plan and see results, however far rarer is to actually enjoy the process, which is certainly the case for me. This is perhaps Kenny’s greatest attribute as a coach. His ability to combine impeccable sports science knowledge with a genuine, light-hearted, human touch is one that few coaches possess. His awareness of factors outside cycling, such as education, work and family, gives me a lot of confidence as an athlete conscious of maintaining a life away from the bike too. He has been a superb coach and mentor.



Jamie Wimborne, Cycle team OnForm

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