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Find out how we work and GET THE answers to your questions about Elevation coaching

  • I'm quite new to cycling or running is it too early to think of coaching?
    No, by committing to the basics which we can teach early on you will develop solid fundamentals. This will eliminate a lot of time you could be wasting with trial and error and setting bad practices. Practice doesn't make perfect: practice makes permanent.
  • Is there a minimum sign-up period for coaching?
    We collect coaching payments on a monthly basis and that is the length of your commitment. This puts the focus on us to continue to provide the exact same service every month.
  • Will I be allocated a coach, can I request a coach and will my plan dictate who that is?"
    If a client comes to Elevation Coaching with a coach in mind from a recommendation we will try our best to match you to this coach unless that specific coach has no availability. We don't overload coaches so that we can give our best service to all. All of our coaches have a great work ethic and are forward thinking with overlapping ideas and we will match a coach to your sociodemographic traits. Plan cost will never dictate who we allocate as your coach, the standard of the packages are the same throughout, it is the frequency of review and feedback which are the main differences in them.
  • Do I need to be a racing cyclist or runner to make coaching effective?
    Absolutely not. We know that everyone has different goals in life and their sport, it's the enjoyment and realisation of those goals which is important for us to deliver. For some that may be a goal of becoming a Profesional athlete, for others that may be to complete a future charity event or climbing a range of climbs you never have.
  • I don't have a 9 to 5 job, or I work shifts will coaching work for me?"
    Yes, we coach clients who do not work a standard 9 to 5. All the training programmes are customised to your life so we work around the time you have available and when, still maximising training time and recovery time. Clients with shifts which are subject to change often take advantage of the added flexibility in Levels 2 & 3 to allow changes to your programme at short notice.
  • Do i need to have powermeter to train with Elevation Coaching?
    No, whilst we believe that power training is the optimum way to train, heart rate and training on perceived exertion still reaps great results. Our coaches are able to deliver in all platforms and are experienced with all. There is always an overlap of data, the more we have the more we can help you.
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  • How do i upload my Garmin to training peaks
    Uploading information can be found in the following links:
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