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Elevation Coaching's essential World Cup survival guide

After only one week of the FIFA World Cup many of you may be ready for smashing the nearest TV at the shear dearth of cycling currently on show and the exhausting group phases of the beautiful game's premier event.

Alternatively may want to take in as much as you can whilst not deteriorating into a six-week couch potato!

Here is our essential guide to the longest TV stage race many of us will ever encounter.

Get out and train while the masses are watching and not driving

Plan your training programme in such a way you don't even see the World Cup. Granted, until the next phase you might be encountering quite a few double days but the fitness gained will be worth it. Try my 'three at the back - two up front' match duration session below for a bit of fun.

1st Half - 45 mins at Z2 (Endurance pace) including 2 x 5 minute efforts at Z5 (Race sustained attack pace) with 10 mins at low Z2 between efforts.

Half-time - Feel free to bring a small bag of cut oranges for the full experience but unfortunately no sit-down other than the saddle - 15 minutes Z1

2nd Half - 45 mins at mid-Z3 (Tempo pace) including 3 x 7 minute efforts at Z4 (40K TT pace) with 5 mins at low Z2 between efforts.

Tricky enough second half but you are representing your country!

Forget the funky footie kit, check the cool cycling kit online

All the chatter pre-tournament was about the Nigeria kit selling out and there certainly are some nice kits on offer but why not use the inspiration to purchase some nice new sleek bike kit from some of the cooler outlets like Cafe Du Cycliste.

You'll be a trend setter for the whole summer not just for 90 minutes.

Make a countdown to Le Tour chart and cover all the world cup pullouts at work

Begin your countdown to Le Tour by making a countdown chart for yourself. It won't be long until the preview magazines start to roll out if they haven't already. Stay strong!!

Once they do, slowly start to put up stage previews over the football pullouts at work. An added strength workout will most likely ensue as you are chased by crazed football  fans.

If all else fails get involved...

Play turbo corners from hell

Set the indoor trainer up with a buddy to watch a match and lay out a series of forfeits. Ride at steady endurance pace and carry out a max 10-second sprint each and every corner and a 5-minute Z5 effort every time a goal is scored. It may be prudent to select a tight game to start with.

However, if you feel good and your friend doesn't know Brazil's star striker from the reply to a mother's cry of...

"would you like some fried liver?" 


...maybe convince him Germany v South Korea should be a low scoring affair...

host a world cup bbq when one of your favourite cycling countries are playing

Get some friends rounded up for a match and host a BBQ. You'll need all the essentials in your service course: Leffe, frites and scones! Your cycling chums will be dressed in Belgian and Colombian national cycling jerseys whilst your football friends are bemused yet unusually interested in a possible new level in taut jerseys for Sunday league.

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