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The twelve rules of Christmas

We understand Christmas is a wonderful time of the year for many but we also realise it's a time of worry for some cyclists who fear the excesses and changes to normal training routines.

With this in mind, we have compiled the twelve rules of Christmas. Some are quite serious and some a little tongue-in-cheek.

If you can't decide which is which, err on the safe side...or at least take a photo and show us all....

Rule #1 Don't destroy your sleep pattern

Parties and celebration are a feature of the festive period but try wherever possible to keep your wake-up time close to where it normally is. Keeping your body clock synchronized will retain regularity in your digestive system and anchor the underlying daily rhythms of your sleep cycle which are the kingpin of recovery.

Rule #2 Train hard on Christmas Eve there's a high possibility of a rest day following!

Throw in some heavy work on Christmas Eve as you probably won't need to worry about being the victim on a group ride the following day.

Rule #3 Attack the Turkey and coloured veggies - Flick the Roasties!

If you've gone down to the bone on Christmas Eve you'll really appreciate that protein boost the bird offers! Take advantage of the fibrous, mineral-packed coloured veggies to boost your immune system.

Rule #4 Let your father-in-law do the half-wheeling with the wine over Christmas dinner

You'll be much happier the next day to have lost this duel. Instead, encourage him out on the bike the following day to enhance your relationship.

Rule #5 Get out with your club or friends on Boxing Day

Lot's of clubs have a Boxing Day TT or a social spin. Get out and get some fresh air and enjoy the company. It's a social sport - be social.

Rule #6 If the Boxing Day TT is one of your seasonal peaks don't forget to taper!

If this event is one you have been ramping up for since the season ended, don't forget to taper. Which means a pre-race activation ride on Christmas day - double hit! Destroy your season and your marriage in one ride.

Rule #7 Don't try and wear all your new kit in one go...

Wearing all your new summer kit in deep mid-winter isn't the coolest of looks. And for pity sake please don't ask the group to stop every five mins to pair your new powermeter, shouting "Power mechanical!"

Rule #8 If you really need to build up an appetite use the turbo

If you have time on Christmas morning to squeeze in a quick turbo session, make it short and sharp. Throw in some plymetric exercises afterwards to get a time-sensitive, quality session that won't get you in the bad books.

Rule #9 NO means NO!

If there are no opportunities to train on days where you have family plans or commitments just relax and have fun. Worrying about it will only ruin your fun. The world won't stop if you miss the odd training day.

Rule #10 Utilise those Christmas treats as ride fuel

Whilst not the perfect nutritional products, you'll not do as much damage chomping on them on a spin as you will parked up on the sofa. And share the love with your riding partners for tactical gains....

Rule #11 Have a New Years Day calorie burning bonfire

Set fire to all those naughty indulgences so they can't harm you. In the short term it removes temptation and gets them away from wandering hands. In the long term the sight of all that sugar and fat going up in flames will show you the toxic nature of bad energy. Have you ever burnt a Wotsit?

Rule #12 Don't forget to leave a TUE out for Santa!

It's difficult enough getting around a grand tour these days without one never mind a round-the-world present drop. Leave a special something for him, just make sure there are no written records.....

From everyone associated with Elevation Coaching, have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year.

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