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For many business people and students alike who love the sport of cycling there just aren't enough hours in the day. I would challenge anyone to say that statement doesn't hold more veracity than any algorithm of functional threshold power!

A passion to be successful in your career and yet still be a god on a bike at the weekends can often lead to late nights and a stumbling block to even a great training plan executed well: poor sleep quality!

Well it turns out there are enough hours in the day in the correct scenario.

A few years ago researchers at Clemson University in South Carolina carried out a study to identify the effects on low level exercise whilst studying. And specifically to find, if any the correlation between academic performance and exercise and also sleep quality.

The research group split in to two. One studied as normal sitting at desks while the other sat at what were called 'Fitdesks' (pretty much a desk with a static bike below). You'd imagine this was distracting, and I am certain if you were doing a set of aerobic capacity repeats you'd only remember the taste of blood in your mouth but the study was done at low intensity pedalling.

The results were clear in terms of reduction in anxiety, sleep quality and general motivation to study for the active group. The non-active group suffered deteriorating sleep quality near the end of the semester and had a lethargy towards their studies.

It makes sense to anyone who has sat at a desk all day: you feel exhausted but haven't moved. It is also a common practice in the education of younger children to have 'movement breaks' to reboot the learning.

Academic performance was similar in both groups so although there can be no magic trick on improving this there is certainly an opportunity to get improved recovery and kill two birds with one stone!

Whilst on an evening indoor aerobic ride try reading over that balance sheet for the morning's presentation or studying for that exam coming up in the following days.

For all but the most talented and dedicated our education, careers and family will always be our priorities in life but at Elevation Coaching we believe cycling can come a very close second if we get the balance right.

Elevation Coaching design and deliver training plans bespoke to you. Wherever you are riding in the world our training plans will PUSH YOU and help you ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS FASTER!

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